Published on 01/07/2019 12:35 pm


2500 NE Twin Knolls Dr Suite #250
Bend, Oregon, 97701


(541) 385-3104

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Dr. Shannon Woods


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Giving genuine smiles in sunny Bend, Oregon. Welcome to Woods Ortho. We’re not here simply to make your smile gorgeous (though we will!), nor to simply correct bite problems (but of course we’ll do that, too). We’re here to improve our community, to serve our friends, family and neighbors here in Central Oregon. We specialize in the entire orthodontic experience, from initial consultation to follow-up visits, to a lifetime of genuine smiles. Oh, yeah — we also boast a highly trained staff, flexible financing, and a comfortable, convenient location.

Every person, every smile — every tooth — is unique, like a fingerprint, so your orthodontic experience should be just as unique. Schedule a sit-down today and we’ll create a plan that fits you perfectly and gives you your most genuine smile.



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